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+ OM-Giga
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OM-Giga is a poly(methyl methacrylate)-based GI-POF for high-speed short-distance data-communication applications. It does not contain any refractive-index modifying dopant, and
has excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability

Bare Fiber
Property  Unit OM-Giga Remarks
  Diameter1 mm 1.0  
Variation of Diameter % ± 5  
Tensile Strength N > 70 at break
Bending Radius mm 25  
Operating Temperature °C -30 ~ 60  
Attenuation2 dB/km < 200 at 650 nm
Bandwidth Gbps > 3 at 50 m
Length m/spool 1000  
* 0.75 mm-diameter fibers are also available.

• OM-Giga is recommended for short-distance applications less than 50 m.
   However, longer distance applications are possible depending on the Tx-Rx used.

Jacketed Cable
  Unit OMJ-Giga
   Diameter mm 2.2
Jacket Material   PVC, PE
Length m/spool 200(Simplex)/150(Duplex)
Type Simplex/Duplex  
* 1.5 mm-diameter cables are also available.